Ashutosh Gowarikar to make film on Lijjat papad business

Mumbai: Bollywood producer and director Ashutosh Gowariker is currently working on a film based on the story of Lijjat Papad from the beginning to the end of the women’s housing industry.

The members of Lijjat Papad Kendra in Valod, Golan, Buhari and Vaktana villages in Tapi and Surat districts have become the subject of discussion which has become big news for the women associated with Lijjat Papad center and locals.

Bollywood producer and director Ashutosh Gowariker is currently making a film, which is titled “Karram Kurram”. The name of the film also has a history. Lijjat Papad’s advertisement mentions “Karram Kurram”, hence the name of the film is kept “Karram Kurram”. The film will portray the beginning of Lijjat in 1959 when the business started by seven Gujarati women with a loan of Rs 80 and it has reached crores of rupees today.

The business grew so much that the company of seven women has become a livelihood for 45000 women today. Today, the name Lijjat has become synonymous with Papad in the country and Lijjat Papad has become popular in every household in the country.

The film will be produced by Sunita Gowariker and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker with Glenn Barnetto. Women’s housing industry Lijjat Papad has come out of a chawl and has become one of the largest organizations in India today.

The film stars heroine Kiara Advani in the lead role.

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