Artificial Plastic flowers in the market causing huge damage to farmers and hence the request to ban these flowers.

NP News 24 –Our respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, in his speech at the Red Fort on Independence Day had informed about the adverse effects of plastic use.  Our respected Prime Minister recently made his stand on the plastic and artificial ban. The honorable Prime Minister dreams of doubling the production of farmers by stating, if we ban plastic & artificial  flowers, that dream will come true. The Maharashtra government has already taking initiative to ban plastic from the Maharashtra state, our government deserves to be congratulated on that.

However, plastic and artificial flowers imported from abroad are still being widely sold in our country and in Maharashtra, everywhere. Flower decorating decorators use plastic fake flowers instead of natural flowers at every festival. The side effect of this is that the hard-to-grow natural flowers are rarely used by farmers.Sales of these flowers have dropped drastically. Flower markets in the state are disappearing day by day.

Our country is an agricultural country. Thousands of acres of highly educated farmers from across the country and the state have chosen to invest in financially via high-tech polyhouses and shadenet business. However, flower producers have been in financial crisis due to plastic flowers and their increased use. Polyhouses, shedding holders and modern farmers have become indebted. These farmers had organized a strike all over the state on 9th September 2019. They  had set their sights on the state agriculture. One of the major reasons that flower growers are in trouble is the misuse of fake flowers. Because plastic flowers are sold more often everyday, hence the farmer & their hard efforts do not get proper prices in the market. Due to such factors, flower farmers have become unsuccessful and indebted. Importantly, there is a 30% import duty on fake flowers imported from abroad and 67% on imported flowers.Naturally grown flowers are perishable, and they are decomposed, creating compost fertilizers that are environmentally friendly. Plastic fake flowers are not decomposed, as well as the use of plastic flowers and the chemical colors used for them, have led to the wandering cows’ stomachs.

There are numerous instances of cows and livestock being killed by plastic and artificial insemination. Putting plastic and artificial flower waste into rivers or elsewhere produces toxic gases and hazardous chemicals, which impairs soil fertility and climate balance. Flowers have a unique importance in Indian culture. Flowers have different significance from the birth of a human to his death, and his holiness does not appear to be a fake flower. Large numbers of flowers are grown in polyhouses and fields in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and other major areas. Due to the prevailing availability of plastic and artificial flowers, the average selling price of each flower variety has dropped by about 55%.

The side effects of plastic fake flowers …

1) As our country is agricultural, on the one hand we get grants for greenhouses under the Government’s Agricultural Development Scheme and on the other hand we import false plastic flowers. Which does not provide prices to the farmers’ natural goods. This is a paradox.

2) There are 725 districts in our country and each district has at least 300 nurseries, ie a total of 2,17,500. That is, if each unit occupies 15 manpower, then 32-35 lakh people are involved in this business. All these farmers are rose, Gerbera, Carnation, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Gypsophila, Anthurium, Limonium, Marigold, Jasmine, Hibiscus etc. They cultivate flowers.

3) If the government inspects the wedding hall and banquet hall, it will be  noticed how widely decorators  used fake artificial flowers.
4) Due to these fake flowers it ultimately resulting in  unemployment among other flower-related entrepreneurs (packing materials, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals, drip irrigation vendors) and greenhouse workers, flower transporters, flower decorators.
5) Skin and respiratory disorders are spreading due to pollution caused by fake flowers and chemicals in plastic. News about this has been reported many times in newspapers.

Thinking positively on all of the above, we humbly request that this application is with request to completely ban for import of plastic flowers from abroad.
Also, ban on the use of plastic flowers and thousands of farmers in the state should get the right market and get rid of the financial crisis. Thousands of flower growers will thank the government if the government also ban fake flowers while banning plastic and plastic products.

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