Anti-Love Jihad Act soon in Maharashtra? State government speeds up the work

Mumbai : NpNews24 Online  –   Anti Love Jihad Bill | The winter session of the Maharashtra State Legislature will begin in Nagpur from December 19. Post Corona pandemic and other reasons, the winter session will be held in Vidarbha almost after three years. issues including Karnataka Maharashtra border dispute, Governor’s controversial statements and wet drought are likely to make the session stormy. In addition to that, the Shinde-Fadnavis government has prepared to introduce the Anti Love Jihad Bill in the session. The session will be explosive due to this bill.


Since coming to power at the Centre, the BJP has taken an aggressive stand on the issue of love jihad. The BJP has also tried to introduce anti-love jihad laws in other states where it is in power. So far, a total of 11 states have introduced the Love Jihad Bill in their legislatures. Maharashtra will be the 12th state to introduce such a bill. BJP MLAs have also claimed that some incidents of love jihad have taken place in Maharashtra. The Shraddha Walker murder case in Delhi has sparked a lot of discussion on the issue of love jihad. BJP has claimed that Shraddha Walker’s murder was a love jihad.


Therefore, BJP and other Hindutva organisations are demanding a law against love jihad to curb such incidents.
Now the ruling BJP in the state has started taking steps in that direction.
MLA Nitesh Rane is studying the bill.
Also, Chitra Wagh, who takes an aggressive stance on women’s issues, opined that such a law is necessary. Therefore, it is expected that this bill will be tabled in the House.
Parties like Congress, NCP, AIMIM are going to oppose the bill.

Now it will be important to see what position Uddhav Thackeray group of Shiv Sena takes on the bill.


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