After Taapsee, Now Renuka Shahane Complaints of Electricity Bill Hike, Asks This Question


Mumbai : Recently, Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu told through social media that the electricity bill of her house is charged more than expected. Now Renuka Shahane has also expressed her displeasure over this and asked the question how suddenly the electricity bill can increase.

Renuka Shahane tweeted, ‘Dear @Adani_Elec_Mum, I got a bill of Rs5510 / = on the 9th of May while in June I got a bill of Rs 29,700 combining May & June where you charged me Rs 18080 for the month of May. How did Rs.5510 / = become Rs.18080 / =? ‘

Earlier, Taapsee Pannu also expressed displeasure on social media. She also shared screenshots of the increased electricity bill on Twitter. The surprising thing is that this is the bill of the house where no one lives. That flat is opened only once a week, for cleaning.

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