Activists arrested in NY, London climate protests

New York/London, Oct 11 (IANS) Thousands of activists were arrested after staging protests in New York City and London over politicians’ alleged inaction on climate change.Extinction Rebellion launched a so-called “International Rebellion” in protest against governments’ purported inaction on climate change, saying on its Web site that the demonstrations would begin on October 7 and be held in 60 cities worldwideover two weeks, reports Efe news.

The protesters, some of whom were wearing orange life jackets, on Thursday parked a small, lime-green sailboat at the intersection of Broadway and West 44th Street in New York City’s Time Square to draw attention to the planet’s rising sea levels.They then surrounded the boat, which had the words “Act Now” written on it, and blocked the flow of traffic in that world-famous tourist district in Midtown Manhattan.A total of 62 people were arrested, according to a spokesman for the New York City Police Department.The detained activists were expected to be charged with disorderly conduct and civil disobedience.

Also on Thursday, a group of Extinction Rebellion activists briefly blocked the entrance to the London City Airport, located on the capital’s east side, in a protest that inconvenienced passengers and caused some flight delays.One of the demonstrators climbed onto a plane’s fuselage.In downtown London, officers cleared away demonstrators who had set up tents near the Parliament building, although traffic was cut off on some nearby streets and protests are continuing in Trafalgar Square.London’s Metropolitan Police Service said on Thursday on Twitter that more than 1,000 arrests have been made as the policing operation continues in central London and City Airport in response to the Extinction Rebellion protests.


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