488 persons booked for drunk driving in last 48 hours



Pune –

With arrival of new Police Commissioner K Venkatesham and DCP Tejasvi Satpute, Pune city traffic branch is going hammer against those violating traffic rules.

On August 11 and 12, traffic cops filed cases against 488 persons who were caught driving under influence of alcohol. Police slapped charges against them under section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act and sent the matter to the district court in Shivajinagar. The action was taken to prevent road accidents.
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Police have appealed citizens to follow traffic rules.

Police Commissioner Venkatesham, after getting feedback from people that there is a sense getting away after breaking traffic rule, has already issued a diktat that police verification will be affected if a person has a history of traffic rule violations.

“We will compile records of people who have broken traffic rules. It will have effects during their police verification for a passport or any other purpose”, said Venkatesham.

The decision has been taken to bring traffic sense among Puneites who have made their name for not following traffic rules, which results in accidents and jams often. People have lost lives due to their reckless driving. Every year about 400 persons die on roads in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad.

Police verification is essential if you want a passport, a job in a foreign country. Some Indian companies also insist on character verification which is actually police verification to check if you stay at the given address and whether there is any police case, FIR registered against you.

Last week, Venkatesham had ordered a crackdown on people violating various provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. In a special drive against Bullets with modified silencers, the Pune city traffic police took action against around 200 Royal Enfield motorbikes in a day and fined them for installing noisy silencers post modification of the originals. The action against bikers was taken under Section 119 and 190 (2) of Motor Vehicle Act. The Act pertains to unauthorised modifications to the vehicle, often causing a nuisance.
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The officials said that the police had managed to collect Rs 1.2 lakh fine from the violators. The modifications are done by mechanics by introducing an additional cylinder.

In order to prevent accidents and bring discipline on road, Pune city police traffic branch last Monday conducted special drive and penalised 919 drivers and collected Rs 2.54 lakh fine from traffic violators.

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