Pune Traffic Police | Commuters paid Rs 11.89 crore fine in 2021 for violating helmet rule in Pune


Pune : NpNews24 Online – Pune Traffic Police | Many two-wheeler riders are penalised for violating the helmet rule in the city. Over 18 lakh such riders were fined last year. Around Rs 89.96 crore fine was charged to them. Of this, over Rs 11.89 crore fine has been recovered from over 2.24 lakh traffic rule violators. (Pune Traffic Police)


Many such violators purchased a helmet, which cost around Rs 1,000. However, they did not wear it and had to pay a hefty penalty for it. Around Rs 78.73 crore fine is yet to be recovered from 15.74 lakh violators.


Pune has seen agitations over the compulsory helmet rule. However, the Supreme Court has given its ruling on the rule. The state government cannot amend it now. Some of the violators have to pay thousands of rupees. Yet they do not budge. Many commuters are seen breaking traffic rules. The traffic police act against them.


The traffic police acted in over 5.93 lakh cases and over Rs 19.45 crore fine was paid. At the same time, over Rs 84.48 crore fine is still pending in 17.86 lakh cases.


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