Pune Police start helpline to fight cyber fraud; advice to approach in ‘Golden hours’

npnews24 – The Pune Police recently has started two dedicated helpline numbers for citizens through which victims of financial cyber fraud can approach the police. The police appeal to victims to call the number in the ‘golden hours’ after the crime has occurred to ensure money is not lost.

The service aims to help authorities undertake immediate measures to freeze fraudulent accounts police officials said.

Amitabh Gupta, Commissioner of Pune Police recently tweeted the numbers 7058719371 and 7058719375 and launched the helpline. the service will be managed by the Cyber Crime Cell.

As per the police, in most financial cyber fraud cases, fraudsters tick the victim to share personal information with fraudsters through various platforms and then people end up losing money helping criminals to transfer money from their accounts to the criminals.

According to police if the frauds are reported in a short period immediately after the money is lost, efforts can be initiated to avert the loss of money.

The short period is often referred to as ‘golden hours’ and it varies from method to method of specific type of cyber fraud, police informed Cyber crime police have appealed to victims of financial fraud as soon as the fraud comes to light.

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