How to identify branded clothes? Check a few tips here…


npnews24 – Mumbai : In today’s time some people buy clothes just by looking at the name of the brand. They are unaware that these clothes can also be fake. Yes, some shopkeepers sell fake and poor quality clothes by branding them and people buy them without thinking. They regret it later when those clothes start fading just after one wash. If you also become a victim of all this knowingly or unknowingly, then these tips can be helpful for you.

Some brands of clothing are available only at select or their exclusive showrooms. For this it is important that you should be aware of which brand of clothes you are buying.

Whenever you buy a garment, definitely wear it and see it. Branded clothes are better in terms of fitting. Most branded clothes do not require fitting.

All branded clothing must have a care label and it is always on the inside. But in adulterated clothes, it is stitched on the outside only.

Definitely pay attention to the accessories of that cloth like buttons, zip etc. All these are ignored while making fake clothes and poor quality materials are used. Whereas in branded clothing, a lot of attention is paid to the quality of everything.

Stitching of branded clothes is done very neatly whereas in adulterated clothes it is not given any attention. Therefore, whenever you buy clothes, pay attention to the detailing of its stitching.

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