Pune News | 4 year old girl from Pune sets world record in Dubai

npnews24 – Pune News : A four-year-old girl from Manchar (district Pune) has set a world record. Her name has been registered in three major record books in the world.

Ishanvi Balasaheb Adhalrao Patil identified the flags of 195 countries and named their capital cities in 3 minute and 10 seconds only. Thus, she made Pune and India famous at the international level. Ishanvi is being praised for her grasping power world over.

Ishanvi hails from Chinchodi Deshapande village near Manchar. The little girl, aged 4 years and 11 months, achieved this feat. The world competition was held in Dubai on June 15. Ishanvi not only identified flags of 195 countries but also named their capitals in 3 minutes and 10 seconds flat and created the world record.

Her record has been registered in the International Book of Records, India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. Ishanvi has an extra-ordinary ability to grasp. She won accolades for her talent from people from various walks of life. Villagers are praising her for making Ambegaon taluka and Maharashtra proud. “We are proud about the little girl’s big achievement,” they said.

Even people working in high positions cannot name a country and its capital by looking at its flag. However, this little girl identified 195 countries and their capital cities by looking at their flags. Flags of some countries look alike and one is likely to get confused.

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