PMC estimates Rs 100 crore to manage waste generated from 23 merged villages

npnews24 – With the merger of 23 villages, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has become Maharashtra’s largest municipal corporation. However, the development is going to increase the load of waste management on the civic body.

After the merger, In a recent meeting, Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar directed each department to prepare a temporary plan to address the issues of roads, water, sewage, lighting, and waste.

The estimated cost to manage the waste generated in these merged villages is around Rs 100 crore per year. Of this Rs 100 crore, transportation and manpower will need Rs 40 crore while the remaining Rs 60 crore will be utilized to install a mechanism to process the waste.In a recent survey conducted by the waste management department of the civic body, around 250 tonnes of garbage is generated from these 23 merged villages. Gram panchayats did not have a proper disposal system in place. The survey also points out that Narhe, Kondhwe-Dhawade, Wagholi, and Manjri Budruk villages generate 136 tonnes of garbage out of 250 tonnes that are generated in these 23 merge villages.

According to PMC, waste handling and processing cost are around Rs 850 per tonne of garbage which is around Rs 9.30 crore for a year. Also, there is a need for 900 people which will cost the civic body around 17.10 crore in a year.

Recycling of Garbage

The civic body is planning to segregate waste to recycling it. Out of waste generated, some waste will be turned into fuel for boilers used in sugar mills. The PMC is planning to install a waste processing project of capacity around 50 to 100 tonnes in 12 villages.


Waste generated in PMC

As per reports the city generates 2100 tonnes of garbage every day. Out of this 1850 tonnes of garbage is collected. 120 tonnes of garbage is treated while 150 tonnes of waste is managed at the source.

Out of the 1850 tonnes of waste (comprising of 750 tonnes of wet waste and 800 tonnes of dry waste and 250 tonnes of mixed waste) collected from properties in the civic body area is treated in the plant with a capacity of 1500 tonnes. However, due to various reasons these waste treatment plants are working with 50 percent capacity only.

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