Sambhairaje | Center has a prominent role in deciding the reservation to Marathas

After the Supreme Court dismissed the Central Government’s review petition filled to reconsider its May 5 judgment which ruled that state governments do have the power to draw up their own lists of backward classes, Sambhajiraje Chhatrapati, on Friday said the Centre has a prominent role in deciding the Maratha reservation.

He said that Now the central government will have to reveal whether they want to give reservations to the Maratha community or not. After the SC dismissed the review petition, now the Centre has a more prominent role in deciding the reservation. As the SC has rejected the 102nd constitutional amendment the state has no right to make SEBC act. Now the central government can come up with an ordinance so that the states can get back the right to make the SEBC act.

Sambhajiraje also suggested another option where the state can set up another Backward Class Commissioner under Article 338 (B) and collect data for proving the social and educational backwardness of the Maratha community. By requesting exceptional circumstances, reservations should be given to the community. After overcoming the lacunas of the Gaikwad commission, the Governor can then make recommendations to the President. Then the President can ask the National Backward Class Commission to look into it. The commission later can place the data before the parliament.

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