Viral On Internet : This cute baby sleeping, dreaming, and saying “mama” is the best thing you’ll see today…

Mumbai : It is said that children are the reflection of God. They have no bad feelings in their minds. The sound of small children spreads an atmosphere of happiness in home and every parent loves their child dearly. Funny videos of babies are often seen going viral on social media. Some videos are so cute that you want to watch them over and over again. One similar video (Viral On Internet) has now surfaced and this baby has won the hearts of netizens.

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This emotional video (Viral On Internet) of a baby is making people think of an innocent child in a video that is currently going viral. This video shows a small and cute boy sleeping. Netizens are also shocked to see the way he is calling his mother in his sleep. Be sure to watch this cute video too.

You must have liked this video too. Netizens are literally raining down comments on the video. The video has been shared on Twitter from an account. The video has been viewed by over nine million people so far. There are many funny comments coming up on this cute video.

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