Yavatmal News : Ancient stone pillars found in Zari Taluka 


Yavatmal : The work of widening the main road from Shibla to Pandharkawada in the Zari taluka of Yavatmal district is underway. During the excavation, ancient stone has been found near the bypass of Pardi village of Zari Taluka. It is being speculated that there must have been an ancient empire here.

There are many mysterious things in Zari Jamani Taluka. Despite the development in this area, there are many mysterious things buried there. Stones of different sizes have been found in the Khapri Shekhapur forest of the taluka. Due to these stone pillars, the Archeology Department has got an opportunity for research. Many ancient remains have been found in the excavation of the Kayar area.

There are ancient temples at Kayar, Juni Mangli and Bhudkeshwar. This temple was built by the king of that period. Despite the passage of time, many traces remain.

Some elders say that there was the practice of Sati a long time ago in Matarjuna.

This area has been neglected but still has a long human history.

Many ancient splendors were destroyed in the earthquake and natural calamity.

From these stones, historians have got a new subject for research.

Due to the discovery of these stones during the excavation, there is an atmosphere of curiosity in the premises.

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