Mumbai News : Mumbai court bans feeding pigeons in balcony

Mumbai : In a shocking decision, the Mumbai Civil Court has prohibited a family living in an apartment in Worli area from feeding pigeons on the balcony of their house. The people of this apartment had complained to the police in this regard. Neighbours allege that birds spread dirt and their presence creates a lot of noise, which was causing a lot of trouble to the elderly couple living in the flat below. The matter went to Justice AH Laddad and after hearing the arguments of both the sides, he said, “In my opinion, the behavior of the family feeding the birds in metal trays is disturbing to the couple, as their balcony is adjacent to the balcony of this family.”

According to the information received, this family had come to live in this apartment in the year 2009. Dilip Shah, who lives in Worli’s Venus Housing Society, had complained against this family. He said that this family belongs to an animal activist. This family has made a big platform in their balcony using a metal tray for the birds to sit and eat. Due to this, gradually hundreds of birds started gathering here every day. Initially, the feed and other food items given to the birds were also falling on the channel of the sliding window of the elderly couple’s flat below, but after the complaint, it was stopped. But the elderly couple was having a lot of trouble with their noise.

Case was going on since 2011

According to Dilip Shah, earlier the people of the society had tried to convince this family, but then in the year 2011, a case was filed against Padma Thakore in the civil court. Shah said in the complaint that the dirt and grains of the birds coming here also fall down as well as their balcony smells due to which they are not able to use it. The elderly couple had alleged that the grains given to the birds contained small insects, which used to enter their house.

The elderly woman living in the flat below already had a skin problem, which got worse in such a situation. She also informed the Thakore family about this many times, but they did not pay any attention to it. In response to this, the Thakore family said that do not obstruct the act of kindness like giving food and water to the birds. The court, while giving relief to the Thakore family, has asked the society to fix a place where they can feed the birds. With this, the court has asked the Thakore family not to feed the birds in their balcony.

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