Covid19 third wave in Maharashtra : Third wave will be lighter compared to the second wave

Mumbai : The future of the Covid19 third wave in Maharashtra and India depends on the vaccination of the corona and the new incoming strain. This wave will be normal and lighter compared to the second wave. This information is given in the research paper of Indian General of Medical Research. This important information has come to the fore from research on immunity in a person who has been cured of corona, rapid pace of vaccination, new strains, etc.

This research has been done by Dr. Balram Bhargava of the Indian Institute of Medical Research (ICMR), Dr. Sandeep Mandal and Dr. Samiran Panda of the National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), Pune, and Dr. Nirmalan Arinamypathy, Imperial College of London. If 60% of the vaccination happens in the next three months in the country, then there will be a big relief from the third wave.

Four Most Possible Carriers of the Third Wave –

* Decreased immunity power after corona infection
* New corona variant
* New strain spreading more
* Non-compliance of rules by citizens

Major Points For Prevention

* Up to 60% vaccination
* Social distancing, use of masks and excellent hygiene
* Strengthening the health system
* Discipline observance

Important Findings

* The second wave of corona is not over yet
* Increasing vaccination, large number of people getting corona infection, third wave will come late and will be lighter
* Third wave likely to start in September or October
* Third wave will be on peak by February
* The number of people falling ill or dying will be less than in the second wave

Suggestion of Scientists

* Citizens should take care of their health at the individual level
* Maintain coordination with the primary health center and the entire government system
* If possible, complete both doses of vaccination
* Complete the vaccination of children

Range of Research

* The basis of this information is a preliminary estimate
* The possibility of re-infection in 50% of the people who have recovered from corona was taken into account
* Findings vary according to the medical history of the individual or group

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