Builder Amit Lunkad Case | Complaint lodged against people associated with Builder Amit Lunkad for threatening complainants; Case may take a different turn, Know in detail

Pune : People associated with Famous builder Amit Lunkad are offering the money to complainants to not complain. Shocking fact has come to light that they are negotiating the relevant amount and giving them as much money as they want. They are giving further dates and cheques for other amounts. In all these cases, a complainant has twice lodged a written complaint with the police alleging that he had twice threatened Lunkad’s office. The case of Builder Amit Lunkad is likely to take a different turn.

Renowned builder Amit Lunkad has been arrested by the Pune police in a Rs 25 lakh fraud case filed at the Yerawada police station. Lunkad has been in judicial custody for the past few days. Today, the court granted him bail on terms and conditions. However, the Pune City Police has received 38 complaints against him during this period. Its figure has gone up to Rs 62 crore. However, the police said that the complainant was not coming forward to file a case.

It is learned that since the arrest of Amit Lunkad, people associated with Lunkad have been in the Commissionerate of Police.

These people reach out to the complainants. Negotiate with them. They are being taken to their office. The money-investment amount is being returned with them there. However, not all of them are being reimbursed in full, some are being paid and others will be reimbursed later. So some complainants are running to the Commissionerate again.

The incident took place in the case of a complainant, who has been taken twice from the Commissionerate of Police. He has invested Rs 18 lakh in Lunkad.

But it is said that he will be given Rs 5 lakh, other payments will be made during Diwali. However, he has denied this. He has now lodged a written complaint with the police commissionerate.

The police commissioner’s office has access to every person and other police through gate number three. Everyone is let in only by interrogation here. Then the question arises as to how Lunkad’s people come to the police commissionerate and how they deal with it.

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