Pune Municipal Corporation received income of crores even during second wave of Covid-19

Pune : It was estimated during Covid19 second wave lockdown that there would be a decrease in income of Pune Municipal Corporation. However, Pune Municipal Corporation has received an income of Rs 1755 crore during these three months.

The meeting of the Revenue Committee of Pune Municipal Corporation was held today, in which this review was done. Due to the outbreak of Corona, the Municipal Corporation will have an income of Rs 5,600 crore this year, out of which Rs 4,300 crore will be spent on salary and maintenance. A few days ago, Commissioner Vikram Kumar had said that only Rs 1,300 crore would be given for development works, for which priority should be given to important works. The corporators had expressed displeasure over this role.

A review of the income of the Municipal Corporation revealed that in the three months of April, May and June, Rs 1,755 crore was deposited in the treasury of Pune Municipal Corporation. The Income Tax Department has played an important role in this and has got Rs 846 crore. Local bodies have received Rs 573 crore from taxes. In the second wave, construction resumed after lockdown was announced, which has received Rs 278 crore from the construction fee.

The Municipal Corporation has also received assistance from water supply, road, skysign, fire department and property management departments.

Income of different departments –

Department Amount (in Crore)

Local Autonomous Society Tax – 574

Property Tax – 846

Construction Fee – 278

Water Supply Department – 19

Asset Management – 17

License and Skysign – 1

Road Section – 4

Fire Department – 14

“Despite the crisis of the second wave of Corona, the Municipal Corporation has earned Rs 1,755 crore in April, May and June. These are very good signs. It will also provide additional funds for development works.”

– Hemant Rasne, Chairman, Standing Committee

“The efforts made by the Municipal Administration during the Corona period have yielded good results. Though Rs 1,755 crore was received in the first three months, efforts will be made to raise Rs 6,100 crore this year.”

– Rubal Aggarwal, Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation

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