Narendra Patil attacks Sharad Pawar on Maratha Reservation issue, Asks why he’s so indifferent on the issue

Mumbai : Narendra Patil, former president of Annasaheb Patil Economic Development Corporation, has attacked Sharad Pawar on the issue of Maratha reservation. He said that Sharad Pawar can solve the problem of hotels and landlords. Nothing is impossible for them. It is said that Sharad Pawar can do anything if he wants. But, being a Maratha himself, why is he so insensitive and indifferent to the question of reservation for the Maratha community?

In Pandharpur on Monday, Narendra Patil also accused the NCP of withdrawing from the movement of the Maratha community. Narendra Patil strongly criticized NCP President Sharad Pawar. Patil said that the ministers and MLAs of the ruling party have easily withdrawn from the agitation called for reservation for the Maratha community. He is trying to hide behind a shadow. This is the misfortune of Maratha society. In 2017, Samaj brothers organized 58 rallies for reservation. Ministers and MLAs from all the ruling and opposition Maratha communities had joined the march in solidarity. Now, however, Maratha MLAs and ministers from the ruling party are not participating in the agitation. However, we will continue the fight for this movement.

He said that Sharad Pawar is called Chanakya of India. He can solve any question easily. But, why he did not pay attention to the question of Maratha reservation, its mystery has not been solved yet. NCP was formed in 1999. At that time, the party was known as the party of the Marathas. Today the ruling NCP has a majority of Maratha ministers. However, many are now questioning why the NCP and its leaders are so apathetic towards reservation for the Maratha community.

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