Forgot UPI PIN? Don’t worry, Reset with this simple process

New Delhi : After the Corona crisis and lockdown, people have resorted to online methods for financial transactions. There are various UPI appls like Google Pay, Paytm. For this you have to remember the PIN. UPI PIN is a four digit code number. Which we create for transaction safety. It is difficult to remember the PINs of different cards, mobile wallets. So many people forget the PIN or sometimes they need to change the PIN for security reasons. If you want to change UPI PIN (Reset PIN) it can be easily changed from Paytm’s website.

We often pay using a UPI PIN instead of OTP when paying for a purchase, recharge or paying a bill. UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface. This facilitates money transfer between two bank accounts. Since UPI is linked to your bank account, OTP is not required, you can transact using your UPI PIN.

If you forget your UPI PIN or if you may want to change it, this process can be done easily with the help of Paytm. To do this, complete the process in the following steps.

– Open Paytm App on your mobile.

– Then your profile icon will appear at the top left, tap on it.

– After clicking on the profile icon, the settings option will appear, click on it.

– In the Settings option, click Save Cards & Bank Accounts in the payment settings.

– As soon as you click on it, all the linked bank accounts and cards will appear.

– For example, if you want to reset the UPI PIN of an important bank account, you have to click on your account details.

– After clicking, two options will appear. Click on Create new UPI PIN.

– Create a 4 digit UPI PIN using a Debit Card message that will appear on the screen. Create a 4 digit UPI PIN using the debit card accordingly. The last 6 digits of the debit card, the validity date of the card will have to be entered after inserting it. Then click on the Proceed button below.

– After this OTP will come on your registered mobile number, after giving OTP you will be asked for an ATM PIN. After entering it, you will get the option of Set Your Pin. Now you can reset your UPI PIN.

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