Bombay HC asks Maharashtra Govt. to probe how Sonu Sood got Covid19 medicines despite shortage

Mumbai : The Bombay High Court on Wednesday ordered the Maharashtra government to probe Sonu Sood and Congress MLA Zeeshan Siddiqui to find out how the Covid19 medicines reached both of them. It is notable that the hospitals are constantly giving statements regarding the shortage of Covid19 medicines.

The court also said in its order that celebrities were projecting themselves as messiahs while they did not even confirm whether the medicines were fake or whether they were being delivered to them illegally. The court said that the medicines provided by these two should be inquired. The court said that the government should investigate that when there was a shortage of medicines in the country, how did it reach Sonu Sood and Congress MLA.

Medicines had to be available only through the government: Court
The court asked how the medicines related to corona became available to the artists and politicians when there was a shortage in the country. At the same time, medicines were to be made available to the states only through the central government. A bench of Justices SP Deshmukh and GS Kulkarni was told by Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbhakoni that a case was registered against those who supplied medicines to Siddiqui.

Case registered against BDR Foundation
Ashutosh Kumbhakoni said that the Maharashtra government had filed a criminal case against the Charitable Trust BDR Foundation and its trustees in the Mazgaon Metropolitan Court in connection with the supply of Remdesivir medicine to Siddiqui. After this, the bench of the court directed the Maharashtra government to probe. The lawyer said that Sonu Sood has also received these medicines from different pharmacies and investigation is going on in the matter.

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