Nashik : 3 more caves age back 2500 years found in Pandav Leni

Nashik : Of the 25 caves of the famous Pandav Leni in Nashik, 3 more caves have been discovered, bringing the number to 28. Although known as the Pandavleni Cave, it is considered to be an invaluable source of Buddhist history dating back to 2500 years ago. These caves have been carved during the period of 500 years of 3 dynasties Satvahana, Kshatrav and Abhir… which are arch enemies of each other. In fact, our history tells us that it was known as Trirashmi.

There are monolithic statues of Buddha stupas, monks’ residences, Buddha Bodhisattva, Jain Tirthakar Rishabhdev Ji, Veer Manibhadra Ji, Mata Ambikadevi carved in stone. This whole region was under the rule of Satavahana kings. The Kshatriyas, who came from Greece and Iran, fought and took over the whole area from the Satavahanas. Pali, Prakrit inscriptions tell the history. The Satvahana kingdom came to power 200 years before AD and in that time the young king Satkarni took over the reins of the Satavahana dynasty. Satakarni, an expert in Chaturasra and war strategy, took up the cause and a fierce battle ensued, in which Kshatrapas were embarrassingly defeated. It is said that the war was not so intense. Knowing this, the Pali inscription of that time is still alive today. Although there are five Pandava-like idols in these caves, these caves are popularly known as Pandavaleni. Of these, 680 caves are in Maharashtra.

According to the Archaeological Survey, the caves are based on ancient caves dating back to the time of Emperor Ashoka. Awesome idols of Bodhisattva Padmapani, Bodhisattva Vajrapani, idols of Lord Gautam Buddha in Dhamma Chakra Pravartan mudra, sadhanagriha of monks, idols of heroes of that time, ornaments of women. It brings history to life. Satavahana, Kshatrapa and Abhir who have been in power for some time. Many of the caves in this trilogy are still witnessed today as a single common thread in all three dynasties.

At the top of the mountain, 3 caves in this series were found by the cleaning staff. Although there is a long way to go, it is not possible to go to the top today, but everyone has a sincere wish that this road will be opened soon .There are many antiquities in our country that are hidden in the belly of time. The fact is that we are falling short in maintaining it.

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