Antilia bomb scare case : NIA arrests two more accused

Mumbai : Two more important accused have been arrested in connection with the placing of explosives outside the house of famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani. The names of these two accused are Santosh Shelar and Anand Jadhav. Both the accused were produced in the Special Court of the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The court has sent both the accused to the custody of the NIA till June 21.

Anand Jadhav has been arrested from Latur, Maharashtra. Anand’s role is being told in the matter of keeping gelatin. With the arrest of these two accused, the hope of solving the case soon has increased. In fact, on February 25, an explosive-laden car was recovered outside Mukesh Ambani’s South Mumbai home Antilia. There were 20 gelatin sticks kept in this Scorpio car.

NIA is investigating Antilia case and Hiren murder case
Initially the case was being investigated by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police. Crime Branch in-charge Sachin Waze was investigating the case. But later when questions were raised on Waze, the matter was handed over to the NIA. Later Sachin Waze was not only found to be the accused but also came to the fore as the main facilitator of this whole incident. Meanwhile, the owner of that car, Mansukh Hiren, died suspiciously. The ATS was first investigating this matter, then this matter was also handed over to the NIA.

Hiren and Sachin Waze turned out to be friends
There have been many surprising revelations so far in the Antilia Explosive Case and Mansukh Hiren Murder Case. According to the NIA, Sachin Waze is the main facilitator in both these cases. The explosive-laden car that was found outside Ambani’s house belonged to Mansukh Hiren. A week before the incident, Mansukh Hiren had filed a car theft complaint. Then Mansukh Hiren was killed. His body was found on March 5 in a suspicious condition in the Mumbra creek. Later it was revealed that Hiren and Sachin Waze were friends of each other.

Before the incident, CCTV footage of the meeting of Sachin Waze and Mansukh Hiren also surfaced. An attempt was made to show Hiren’s murder as a suicide, which failed. This whole conspiracy was being hatched by Sachin Waze himself. Mansukh Hiren had filed a false complaint of car theft under pressure from Sachin Waze, so that the car could be used to store explosives outside Ambani’s house. Many such pieces of evidence are coming out one by one in relation to these two cases. After the arrests of two people on Tuesday, it is expected that more revelations on these two cases will be done and the truth will come out.

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