Mumbai : Advocate caught in love trap on social media, loses Rs 15 lakh

Mumbai : A young man from Sangli introduced himself as a doctor from Germany and used fake pictures of a model in social media. A lawyer living in Mumbai was implicated in the trap of love and friendship. Then she was cheated with a huge amount of 15 lakh rupees.

In this case of cheating, Vaibhav Suresh Shinde has been arrested by the police of Vita police station in Sangli district. The age of the accused is 29 years and he is a resident of Lengare area of Khanapur taluka (block) of Sangli.

What is the whole matter?
This case of first gaining trust in the name of love and then committing emotional atrocities by cheating lakhs of rupees has once again brought everyone’s attention to the increasing fraud through social media. Vaibhav Suresh Shinde, a resident of Lengre area of Khanapur taluk (block) of Sangli, created a fake account named Bharat Jadhav in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

After this, he used a picture of a young man looking like a professional model as a profile picture and sent a friend request to a female lawyer living in Mumbai. In this profile, Vaibhav Shinde described himself as a doctor living in Germany. Looking at the attractive profile, this lawyer woman living in Mumbai also immediately agreed to friendship.

After this both of them started chatting. Chatting slowly turned into a desire. After this both of them shared mobile numbers. Then the exchange of pictures through WhatsApp, emotional talk started and gradually Vaibhav Shinde was able to win the trust of the woman concerned. After this, Vaibhav Shinde duped the woman of 14 lakh 12 thousand rupees.

The woman went on believing and kept giving money. Then suddenly on June 7, Vaibhav Shinde deactivated his fake account named Bharat Jadhav. The woman realized that she had become a victim of fraud. She immediately contacted the Cyber Crime Department and shared the WhatsApp number with which he used to chat. When the cyber crime department investigated, that number turned out to be Vaibhav Shinde of Lengere village in Sangli district.

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