‘Tasmanian Devils’ born in the jungles of Australia 3000 years later

Melbourne : Tasmanian devils have been born in the wild in mainland Australia, more than 3,000 years after they died out in the country. Seven baby Tasmanian devils — known as joeys — were born at the 988-acre Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary in New South Wales, Australian NGO Aussie Ark said in an Instagram post on Monday.

Devil’s Arc Century is in Tasmania, Australia. There is a small hill-like place here, called Barrington Top. At this place seven Tasmania’s devils have been born. The officers of this century and the people of a Conservation Group ran on the spot as soon as they got the information about it. They saw seven small pink fur cubs lying together. Their mother must have been around but she was not seen anywhere.

Now wildlife experts are happy to see these cubs because they hoped that the population of this endangered species can now increase. Due to the open forests of Australia, their population has been lost because they have been hunted a lot. Apart from this, dingos, a species of wild dogs, eat them. After this, the population of these small Tasmania’s devils remained confined to the state of Tasmania.

The second biggest problem facing these devils in Tasmania is facial cancer. If these organisms survive hunting, then another danger for them is a tumor on the face. It is believed that now their population will be around 25 thousand in the whole of Australia, including Tasmania. President of the Ossie Arch Conservation Group, Tim Faulkner said that a lot is at stake here. They are doing it continuously to save as much as we can.

Tim said that the seven cubs are healthy and safe. For the next few weeks, the Forest Rangers will keep an eye on these. The Ossie Arc Conservation Group released 26 adult Tasmanian Devils into the open jungle last year. It is believed that only one of these pairs has completed the reproduction process. Because usually these organisms run away from the process of reproduction.

In 2008, the United Nations put the Tasmanian Devils on the Red List of Endangered Animals. Their heads are very big and their necks are very strong. Due to which the grip of their jaws is very powerful. They can run fast on the ground and climb trees. Not only this, they are also good swimmers.

Males of the Tasmanian Devils form a relationship with the female only once in their lives. In order to have a relationship with the female of their choice, the two males have to show strength among themselves. Female devils can become pregnant up to four times in their lifetime. But once cubs are born, they search for different males for the next time. Whereas the male living with them again lives alone.

The female Tasmanian devil can usually give birth to 20 to 30 cubs in a breeding season. The weight of their newborns is about 20 grams. The female devil has only four nipples. Hence there is a fierce fight between the cubs. After some time only a few of the 20-30 cubs survive, because the rest are killed due to lack of adequate nutrition. Within 100 days, the weight of new cubs becomes 200 grams. After about 9 months, the cubs become adults and go out on prey alone.

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