Mumbai : High profile sex racket busted in Grant Road, 2 models rescued

Mumbai : Mumbai police have busted a high profile sex racket in the Grant Road area of Mumbai. Police have arrested a female broker and two young women have been released. It has come to light that these two young women are models.

A lockdown has been imposed in Mumbai to prevent the spread of corona. But illegal trade continues in hotels flouting government regulations. Police raided a three-star hotel in Mumbai’s Grant Road area and exposed a sex racket.

Primary information was received that prostitution was going on in a hotel in Grant Road area. Based on this information, the police raided and arrested the woman broker.

Police have released two young women in the operation. The statements of these two young women have been recorded. The police have registered a case under the PITA Act in this regard. Police are investigating further.

Drug smugglers were running sex rackets
Meanwhile, an NCB investigation last month revealed that a drug smuggler was running a sex racket. Drug smugglers in Mumbai not only supply drugs to the people but also run sex rackets, a shocking revelation was made by Ikra Qureshi, a drug smuggler known as ‘Lady Don’.

Iqra Qureshi runs a gang of women, said a senior official at the Bureau of Narcotics Control. She has formed a gang of 8 to 10 women working in dance bars and pubs in Mumbai. The women who joined the gang were easily supplying drugs to the people. Not only that, but the drug buyers were demanding sex from them. After that, these women were also fulfilling that demand. For this, they were also taking extra money from the customer. Iqra Qureshi and her gang used to choose dance bars and pubs for this affair. So that neither the police nor the NCB officials would suspect. The NCB has received information about some other places from Ikra and further investigations are underway.

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