COVID 19 : Pune based 15yo student steps up to speak to HC on fate of Class X exams

Pune : 15-year-old student Rishan Sarode, resident of Pune has filed an intervention plea. This intervention plea has been filed against a PIL that wants these boards to be held prays that he be allowed to speak himself in court. According to Rishan, students are vital stakeholders in the ongoing debate, facing immense pressure.

Students have suffered a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has left a huge impact on the lives of students. Student’s unending travails with online education and examinations are clear for all to see. It seems like the kids have finally decided to take matters into their own hands while the topmost authorities continue to go back and forth on the road ahead for tomorrow’s generation.

In this sequence, Rishan Sarode from Pune approached the Bombay High Court a couple of days ago and filed an intervention application, pleading that the court hear a student’s point of view prior to making any decision about the Class X board exams. Rishan decided to file this intervention after petitioner Dhananjay Kulkarni filed a public interest litigation (PIL), saying not holding Class X exams is against the academic interest of students.

Symbiosis Secondary School student Rishan Sarode, cited an abundance of emotional pressures, psychological effects and uncertainty crippling students as their future hangs in the balance.

In an interaction with Pune Mirror, Rishan explained why he decided to knock on the doors of the court himself. He and his friends said, “We have been in the same class for 14 months now and were initially diligently preparing for the boards. We never took it lightly. Once we were told they would be cancelled, we enrolled in other classes to learn new skills. Now, it is extremely unfair to ask us to start studying again. We are not in that mental space anymore.”

In Rishan’s intervention plea, one of the most salient prayers is that he himself be allowed to argue the matter in-person to put forth the grievances of students.

“We have been in Class X for over a year. The government should realise that we are not machines. You can’t ask us to study one month, not study the next and then study again in the third,” said Rishan Sarode.

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