Jasmine Bhasin & Aly Goni were infected with Corona, Confirms the actress

Mumbai : Jasmine Bhasin and Ali Goni are one of the famous couples on TV. Both of them were liked a lot by fans in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Shortly after ‘Bigg Boss’ was over, the two had gone to Jammu where Aly Goni’s house is. Their pictures also went viral on social media. Now information has come out that last month, they had tested Covid positive.

According to the report, Jasmine and Aly Goni were infected during their stay in Jammu, though they recovered after a week. According to the Times of India, a source said that ‘Jasmine and Aly’s test report came positive. They had quarantined themselves and a week later their test came negative. They tried their best to stay positive during the recovery.” The report also states that Jasmine has confirmed the news.


Jasmine has now returned to Mumbai, while Aly is still in Jammu, he will return to Mumbai after some time. Both are waiting for work to begin.

Jasmine and Aly participated in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ season 10. Their relationship started to grow during this show and it strengthened during ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Aly supported Jasmine on the show. He managed to reach the finals.

Music video by Aly Goni and Jasmine ‘Tu Bhi Sataya Jaiga’ was released some time back. The fans liked it a lot.

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