People of Gadchiroli afraid of getting Covid19 vaccine due to rumors of death & impotent

Mumbai : The second wave of Corona has badly hit the country. Millions of people are getting infected every day, so thousands of lives are being lost. Vaccine seems to be the only ray of hope among all this. On the other hand, due to lack of awareness, people in Gadchiroli’s Dhanora tehsil are afraid of getting vaccinated.

Only 40 people over the age of 45 have taken the vaccine here. People here think they will die after taking the vaccine. At the same time, many elders believe that if the person is over 18, he will become impotent. Ayush activist Sadashiv Mandawar said that we are trying to make people aware and explain, we took the vaccine and we are absolutely fine but they say that there is another vaccine given to the frontline workers.

New cases of coronavirus in India may have fallen below the 3 lakh benchmark, but the threat still remains. The new cases of Corona in the country have been witnessing a decline for the past few days, but the death figures are terrifying, because even when the corona was at peak, the cases of death were not so much. On Tuesday, 4525 people died of corona in one day in the country, which is the highest number till date.

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