India again records highest deaths from corona even after decrease in new cases

New Delhi : New cases of coronavirus in India may have fallen below the 3 lakh benchmark, but the threat still remains. The new cases of Corona in the country have been witnessing a decline for the past few days, but the death figures are causing tension, because even when the corona was at peak, the cases of death were not so high. On Tuesday, 4525 people died of corona in one day in the country, which is the highest number till date. When the country had the highest number of corona cases (4.14 lakhs) in the country on 6 May, only 3920 people had died. However, for three consecutive days, new cases of corona in the country are coming down to three lakh.

According to the Union Health Ministry, there have been 267174 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours in India, which is about five thousand more cases than yesterday. A day before yesterday, 2.63 lakh corona cases were reported and the number of deaths was also reduced to 4340. According to statistics, the total number of corona cases in the country has reached 25495144. Out of these, the number of active cases is 21979703. Today, on Tuesday, more than 3.89 lakh corona patients have been cured. For the first time in the country on Monday, more than 4.2 lakh people were cured of corona infection in one day.

So far, 4525 deaths due to coronavirus have taken place in the country on Tuesday. This is the highest number of deaths in a single day in any wave of Corona. According to the ministry data, on May 6, corona cases were the highest and then 4.14 lakh new infections were detected. But even though the figure came down to 2.67 lakh on Wednesday, deaths increased in the meantime.

Meanwhile, a good thing has happened that the number of active cases in a day has come down to a record 1,63,232. That is, with the decrease of new infections, active cases are also decreasing rapidly. While the number of active cases in the country was 37.23 lakh on May 8 and on Tuesday it has come down to 33.53 lakh. In the coming days, if there are less active cases, then this will reduce the burden of patients on hospitals and hospitals will be able to treat patients better. This will also reduce the death toll.

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