The Kapil Sharma Show fame Sumona Chakravarti reveals she is ‘unemployed’


Mumbai : The Kapil Sharma Show fame Sumona Chakravarti is much loved by the audience for her roles. However, Sumona Chakravarti has appeared in many TV shows and films before doing comedy. However, apart from The Kapil Sharma Show, the actress currently has no work. Yesterday, Sumona Chakravarti took to social media sharing how the coronavirus-induced lockdown has impacted her life and career. The actor revealed that she is unemployed and has been battling Endometriosis since 2011.

Sumona Chakravarti said that she has no work. Not only this, she has been struggling with a disease for the last 10 years, she is on its fourth stage. In her post, Sumona has written, ‘I have not talked about it on any public platform. Lockdown is emotionally difficult for me’.

Sumona Chakravarti further said, ‘”I may be unemployed & yet am able to feed my family & myself. That is privilege. Sometimes I feel guilty. Specially when am feeling low due to pms’in. The mood swings play havoc emotionally”.

Sumona disclosed that she has been suffering from Endometriosis since 2011 and that it is important for her not to stress.

The Kapil Sharma actress of the show finally writes, ‘This is out of my comfort zone to disclose on social media platforms. If this post brings a smile to your face or inspires you, then I think my writing was worthwhile.’


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