Pathan: Shahrukh Khan home quarantined, Shooting stops after 40 crew members tested corona positive

Mumbai: Shooting of Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ has to be stopped again due to Coronavirus. About 40 crew members have been found positive on Pathan’s set. After being in the midst of so many infected people, Shah Rukh has quarantined himself. However, Shah Rukh Khan’s team denied the news. Let me tell you, Shahrukh Khan has charged a huge amount of Rs 100 crores for the film.

This is the second major film after Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu, which had a Corona blast on its set. Earlier, a corona report of about 45 crew members was found positive on the set of Ram Setu.

Maharashtra alone has the highest number of cases in the world these days. According to the Pinkvilla News website, infected members found on the Pathan set have been quarantined at the courtyard Andheri East. No information has yet been received about Shahrukh Khan’s Corona report.

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