Mumbai : Sachin Vaze had booked hotel room for 100 days

Mumbai : A big piece of information is coming out in the Antilia case. The main suspect Sachin Vaze had entered a five-star hotel on February 16 carrying several bags full of money. Sources in the National Investigation Agency (NIA) have confirmed that the suspended Mumbai Police officer was carrying five bags full of money on this day. Sachin Vaze has been sent to NIA custody on 3 April.

On 16 February this year, Sachin Vaze was seen entering a five-star hotel in south Mumbai. Vaze was seen entering the hotel carrying bags, 10 days before gelatin sticks and threatening letters outside Mukesh Ambani’s house in a Scorpio car.

Not only this, on February 16, a suspicious woman was also seen in the hotel with Sachin Vaze. Vaze stayed in this hotel from 16 February to 20 February. He was staying in the hotel by showing a fake Aadhaar card.

During the entry into the hotel, the bags in the hand of Sachin Vaze were also scanned. The visuals from the checking kiosk have also confirmed that Sachin had entered the hotel with a bag full of cash. The person sitting at the checking kiosk is also being questioned.

The NIA is now investigating CCTV footage from the hotel regarding this matter. Actually, in the CCTV footage of the hotel, Vaze has been seen with those bags. According to the information, a businessman had booked a room in the hotel for 100 days for Sachin Vaze. This booking was done by a travel agent.

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