CCTV footage reveals Mansukh Hiren was present in car with Sachin Vaze

Mumbai : A new revelation was made in the murder of Mansukh Hiren, the owner of the Scorpio from which gelatin sticks were recovered. CCTV footage has surfaced, in which Sachin Vaze and Mansukh Hiren are seen riding in the same car. It is being told that this CCTV footage is from 17 February.

In the CCTV footage, a white cab stops at the CST station, leaving Mansukh Hiren out of it. In the second CCTV footage, a blue Audi car is seen, which was used by Sachin Vaze. This Audi car stopped at a traffic signal, in which Mansukh Hiren was seen.

Sachin Vaze was driving the blue Audi car and Mansukh Hiren is seen sitting in his car. On March 4, Mansukh’s body was found. He had a suspicious death. The family members alleged that Mansukh was murdered by Sachin Waze. The ATS was investigating this matter, but now the NIA will investigate the case.

Meanwhile, there are reports quoting Maharashtra ATS sources about Sachin Vaze that on March 4, Vaze called Mansukh Hiren to Thane, along with 3–4 people, and later returning to the office, Vaze misled the investigation through a raid. Tried to do it too. Police are awaiting forensic reports.

At the same time, Maharashtra ATS investigating the case believes that chloroform was first used to make Hiren unconscious and then he was killed. The postmortem report by Mansukh Hiren has revealed that his face was hurt before the murder.


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