RSS : Leaders Discuss Expansion Plan

Three things related to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh are currently, under discussion one is the changes in the central team, the second is the strengthening of the subsidiary organization like ABVP in the Sangh and the third is the return of Ram Madhav from the BJP to the Sangh.

Recently in the Sangh, two people have returned from the BJP. Ramlal and Ram Madhav. Both were sent to the BJP on behalf of the Sangh.

Even before this, some people were sent from the Sangh to the party. The names of the two people were very much discussed. Both were free from the party but the Sangh did not give them the option of returning like Ramlal or Ram Madhav.

With the return of Ramlal and Ram Madhav, the Sangh has given the message that if there are no disputes and rebellions due to being free from the party, then there is enough scope to re-create and settle in the the vast fabric of the Sangh.

Those who are disciplined are saved from controversy their image is restored, the Sangh has worked for them and they can be withdrawn. But if any useful person has also openly stood against the Sangh or the party. Has become a rebel. If he is outspoken or his image is tarnished, then the way of return is closed. For Sangh, a man who created an amazing organization like Sanjay Joshi and an articulate and broad-minded personality like Govindacharya was also not returnable because they had lost their sensibility on the rest of the scales.

Ramlal will now look after the responsibility of liaison head under the central leadership of the Sangh and Ram Madhav has now been made a member of the central executive board of the Sangh with faces like Suresh Bhayyaji Joshi, Suresh Soni, Indresh Kumar.

After Mohan Bhagwat in the RSS, some changes have been made on Sarkaryavah and other posts. Dattatreya Hosbole has been made Sarkaryavah from co-operative work. It is the second-largest port in the Sangh after Sarsanghchalak.

Dattatreya was also given the responsibility of the state in 2016 one year before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. A year later, the BJP’s success in the state was historic.

But even before this election, the future of Dattatreya has almost been determined. Bringing back Dattatreya by carrying out ABVP responsibilities for the Sangh from 1992 to 2003 was actually a decision taken with a view to preparing the new generation of the future, which has now become fully recognized.

Apart from Hosbole, the Sangh has also added Sunil Ambekar to its central team and has given him the responsibility of the head of publicity. Ambekar too has come from ABVP. This has not only increased the presence of ABVP in the central team but also strengthened Hosbole.

It has been the tradition of the Sangh that the organizations have been getting people from the Sangh, but the Sangh has prepared its central team from the faces of its mother-organization. It is for the first time that any subsidiary organization is getting so much space and importance in the central leadership of the Sangh.

In 2009, when Mohan Bhagwat took over the responsibility of Sarsanghchalak, Dattatreya Hosbole was added to the central team of another representative association from ABVP by making him a co-worker. But Hosbole is the first to come to the post of Sarkaryavah who comes from ABVP.

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