7th pay commission: Central govt employees to get rs 10000 to celebrate Holi

There is good news for the central government employees. The Modi government is offering a Special Festival Advance Scheme before Holi. Under this provision, the employees can take an advance of Rs 10,000 in advance without any interest. March 31 is the last date to take advantage of this scheme. Later employees can return it in 10 installments. That is, you can repay it through a monthly installment of Rs 1,000.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said recently that this advance given for festivals will be pre-loaded. This money will be already registered in the central employees’ ATMs, only they have to spend during this period, earlier the central government froze the DA of the employees gave them a big blow. In such a situation, this advance amount will be a big relief for the employees. And they can spend freely in a festival like Holi.

It is good news for central government employees. After the change in salary from April 1, the salary of the employees will increase. lakhs of Central Government employees have been waiting for the 7th Pay Commission to be implemented for a long time. All of them will get a lot of relief this year.

from April 1, 2021, a new wage code is expected to be implemented in the country, after which the salary structure of employees will change. Let us tell you that this change will directly affect the take-home salary of the employees.

According to the new rule, your basic salary will be 50 percent of the total CTC. With this, your PF contravention will also increase. Apart from this, after the seventh pay commission, your salary will also increase.

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