The five mistakes that have come under the grip of the NIA in the Antilia case Sachin Vaze

Mumbai Police on Monday suspended assistant police inspector Sachin Vaze following his arrest by the NIA in connection with its probe into the recovery of explosives from a car near industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s residence here, an official said.

API Sachin Vaze was confident that he would settle the Antilia case once. Deputy Commissioner of Police S Chaitanya told “API Sachin Vaze has been placed under suspension by an order of Additional Commissioner of Police Special Branch.”

After getting the NIA investigated in this case, Sachin Vaze started working to erase the evidence. While doing this work, he went on making mistakes one after the other.

The first mistake of Sachin Vaze was that the vehicle he included in his plot was taken from his own knowledge. That is from Mansukh Hiren. He had no idea that the relationship between him and Mansukh Hiren would be revealed in the future. And even after the truth was revealed, he denied his relationship with Mansukh Hiren. He denied the identity of Hiren in the interrogation.

Sachin Vaze made the second and biggest mistake in this case  in order to bring this conspiracy to an end, he himself disguised himself and went outside Antilia to park Scorpio. Not only this, he kept the Scorpio car from Hiren in his housing complex in Thane from 17 to 25 February. Perhaps Sachin Vaze had no idea that the investigation into the Antilia case would ever reach his home.

Vaze fifth mistake was that the black Mercedes that Vaze himself drove was also used in the conspiracy.  He parked the Mercedes outside his own office. That too with all the evidence. It seems that Waze had no idea that the NIA team could come to the Crime Branch office to search.

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