PM Modi: Congress boon of false declarations

There is one week left in the assembly elections of four states and one union territory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Assam on Saturday on an election campaign, where he addressed the BJP’s election rally in Chabua.

Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress is the oldest party in India, which ruled India for 50-55 years it is supporting those who are trying to destroy the image of India associated with tea. In the public meeting, PM Modi mentioned the toolkit case. He said that a toolkit was circulated in which attempts were made to discredit Assam and our Yoga. The Congress party supports those who prepared these toolkits and still dares to ask for votes in Assam! Can we forgive a party like this he asked?

On the one hand, our government is working on the sacred mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas the Congress is left as a boon of false declarations today. People from all over the country are seeing the truth. Congress, the country’s largest party ever, is shrinking today. The reason is absolutely clear. There is no respect for talent in Congress, greed for power is paramount.

This time is very important for the future of Assam. This is a time of confidence, of self-reliance. You have to remember that this is the same Congress, which never took serious steps to give land rights to the original inhabitants. The NDA government under the leadership of CM Sarbananda started the task of giving land leases to the original residents here. I assure you that the NDA Government’s campaign will be intensified to improve the standard of living of laborers working in Tea Gardens he added.

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