Antilia case : Mansukh Hiren was assaulted before death, NIA may investigate

New Delhi : The National Investigation Agency (NIA) may be claiming to have solved the Antilia case. But the case of Mansukh Hiren’s death still remains a puzzle. Chemical analysis report of Mansukh Hiren’s corpse has arrived. According to this report, Mansukh Hiren was beaten and beaten badly before his death.

The report has revealed that when Mansukh Hiren was thrown into the sea, Mansukh Hiren was alive. The purpose of the chemical analysis was to find out whether Mansukh was thrown into the water after killing or alive?

According to the report of the diatom test conducted at Grant Government Medical College, Mansukh Hiren was alive when he was throwmn into the water. Because, when a dead person is thrown into water, the water does not go into his lungs, blood or bone marrow. But diatom report has shown water in Mansukh Hiren’s bone marrow, which matches the waters of Mumbra Creek.

Mansukh Hiren’s body was found in Mumbra Creek on the morning of 5 March. There were also five handkerchiefs along with the corpse, which were tied on his mouth. Also, a scarf was also found. Right now, the Maharashtra ATS team investigating the death of Mansukh Hiren is trying to solve the mystery of the handkerchiefs and scarves.

Since the suspect in the case, Sachin Vaze, has been in NIA custody since March 13, the ATS team has not yet had a chance to interrogate him. However, the NIA is constantly monitoring the investigation into Mansukh Hiren’s death.

NIA may investigate Mansukh Hiren murder case
Sources have revealed that the NIA can now handle the investigation of Mansukh Hiren Murder case. The chances of this are very high. However, this is not a premeditated crime. But sources say that the assassination plot is related to the Scorpio car found outside Antilia and the explosives found in it. Therefore, through Section 8 of the NIA Act, the agency can take over the investigation of a case related to another case.

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