Dog ownership dispute to be settled by DNA test in Madhya Pradesh

The Hoshangabad police in Madhya Pradesh have decided to conduct DNA testing on a Labrador in order to settle a dispute over its ownership between a journalist and an Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) leader.

The journalist, identified as Shadab Khan of Golden Silicon colony, had registered a police complaint in August, stating that his three-year-old black Labrador dog, named Tiger, has gone missing. Recently, he traced the dog to the house of Kartik Shivhare, an ABVP leader, in Malakhedi area of the city. He went to Shivhare’s house to take the dog, but the latter resisted, claiming that he was the canine’s human and its name was Kallu. Following this, police were called

Shadab Khan said that he had brought it from Pachmarhi. At the same time, Karthik Shivhare told that he had bought the dog from Babai. Both the places are in Hoshangabad district. The problem of the police increased when the dog showed identification from both owners.

The police tried to resolve the quarrel in all the ways and when the matter was not resolved, it was decided that DNA test of the dog should be done. The doctor took a sample of the dog’s blood and based on the documents of Shadab Khan, sent blood samples of the dog giving birth to this Labrador dog to the laboratory of Hyderabad for examination. In the test report, it has become clear that the owner of the dog is Shadab Khan. Now action will be taken in the case.

Shadab Khan said that his black dog was lost in August. & He also reported to the police. However, the police did not confirm this. Shadab Khan, meanwhile, called the police and informed them that he had seen his missing dog at the home of Kritik Shivhare. He showed the registration of the dog to the police, but Shivhare said that it is not his tiger and he bought it from Babai on 11 August.

The police were also in a dilemma due to an ongoing fight between two owners for a dog. In a similar incident, a court in Kerala’s Kollam had, in 2014, ordered a cow’s DNA test to settle a dispute over its ownership.

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