AstraZeneca vaccine use resumed in Germany, France, Italy and Spain


New Delhi : Germany, France, Italy and Spain will resume the vaccination of AstraZeneca Corona vaccine. The Drug Regulatory Body of the European Union (EMA) has described the AstraZeneca vaccine as safe and effective. After this, these countries have approved its reuse.

In recent times, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, including the European Union nation, had temporarily banned the use of the AstraZeneca covid vaccine. These countries gave the reason for banning this vaccine that it poses a risk of blood clotting in the body of people who got this vaccine. It had also said that if it continues to be used, then it can increase further.

The Drug Regulatory Body of the European Union stated that the AstraZeneca vaccine does not pose a risk of blood clotting and that the benefits of its use is more than the the danger from coronavirus.

Significantly, last week, after taking the dose of this vaccine, there were reports of blood clots in the body of some people, after which many European countries stopped the vaccination of AstraZeneca.

Germany, France and other countries said they would wait for the European Medical Agency to approve the vaccine. The head of the agency, Emer Cook, said that our scientific opinion is that this vaccine is safe and effective in protecting people from Covid-19.

British-Swedish pharmaceuticals company AstraZeneca said in its statement that more than 10 million vaccine beneficiaries were reviewed and found the Covid-19 vaccine completely safe for use.

The World Health Organization had also given a clean chit to AstraZeneca’s vaccine. The organization urged that vaccine use should not be stopped worldwide.

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