Viman Nagar police book three persons for allegedly beating man to death

Pune: A 36-year-old man was beaten to death by three men in an argument after he demanded Rs 20,000 he had given as a credit in Dighi. The deceased has been identified as Faim Ikramuddin Ansari (36)

Asif (25), Nazim (23) and Burhan (25) have been booked by Viman Nagar Police. Salim Ikramuddin Ansari (37) has lodged a complaint at the Viman Nagar Police Station.

According to police, Faim Ikramuddin Ansari had earlier lent Rs 20,000 to accused Nazim. Faim then demanded Nazim’s brother Asif to return the money. Raged by this, accused then summoned Faim to Ganeshnagar in Bopkhel and beat him up to death with batons. Viman Nagar police are conducting further investigations.

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