Man kills brother for abusing his field workers in intoxicated state in Sangli  

Sangli : Man brutally murdered his brother for repeatedly abusing the workers coming to work in the former’s vineyear in Karoli in Miraj taluka on Tuesday, the police said. The police have arrested Nitin Vasant Ingwale-Deshmukh (40) in this regard and recovered the tools used for murder from his possession.


The deceased was identified as Manoj Vasant Ingwale-Deshmukh (42). Manoj’s cousin Vishwajeet Ingwale-Deshmukh has lodged a complaint at Miraj Rural Police Station.



According to the police, the deceased Manoj Ingwale-Deshmukh and Nitin Ingwale-Deshmukh were addicted to alcohol. The Ingwale-Deshmukh family owns a three-acre farm at Karoli-M, which is divided between the two.


On Tuesday morning, Manoj had insulted the workers who had come to work in Nitin’s vineyard and told them not to come again. Meanwhile, an argument broke out between the two but the dispute was settled after their father mediated.


However, after drinking alcohol around 10.30 pm on Tuesday, the two again got into an argument over the previous issue. At that time, angered by his brother’s behaviour Nitin brutally attacked Manoj, killing him on the spot, the police informed. Later, Nitin fled from the scene.


Upon receiving this information, Police personnel Manisha Patil informed the police about this. Upon receiving this information, Deputy Superintendent of Police Ashok Virkar and Police Inspector Milind Patil of Miraj Rural Police Station visited the spot and inspected it.


After that, the police arrested Nitin from Manerajuri. The weapons used in the crime have also been seized.

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