Maha Congress asks Devendra Fadnavis to hand over CDR to investigating agencies

The Maharashtra Congress on Tuesday asked former Chief Minister and leader of opposition, Devendra Fadnavis to hand over the Call Detail Record (CDR) to the police or investigating agencies.

State Congress General Secretary and Spokesperson Sachin Sawant said that the BJP has openly stated in the Maharashtra Assembly last week that he is in possession of the CDR pertaining to the abandoned SUV with gelatin sticks and threat letter found outside industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s residence.

He appealed to the Leader of Opposition saying “former Chief minister, should exercise his constitutional responsibilities and hand over the CDR to the investigators and help catch the culprits,”.

He said it is Fadnavis’ duty to disclose his sources to investigating agencies from where he got as it is illegal to get anybody’s CDR,

Fadnavis had said he was in possession of the CDR and dared the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government to investigate him during the Budget session on March 9.

“Hence, it is incumbent upon him should provide the CDR or all information pertaining to this case to the probe agencies and set a right example,” said Sawant.

Assistant Police Inspector Sachin Vaze was suspended from the police force on Monday. This development comes amid growing demand from the Opposition. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested Vaze, on Saturday, in connection with its probe into the recovery of a Scorpio containing 20 gelatin sticks near Ambani’s house in south Mumbai on February 25. On Sunday, Vaze was remanded to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) custody till March 25 by a court in Mumbai.

On February 25, a Scorpio was found near industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s house in south Mumbai with explosives and a threat letter inside. Hiran, who was in possession of the SUV, had claimed that it had been stolen a week earlier, but the case got murky when he was found dead in a creek in Thane on March 5.

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