Congress MLA evicted by speaker from Gujarat Assembly for wearing t-shirt

New Delhi : Congress MLA Vimal Chudasama was evicted by speaker Rajendra Trivedi from Gujarat Assembly on Monday for wearing a t-shirt.

The Assembly Speaker argued that the MLA should take care of the dignity of the House and refrain from wearing T-shirts. At the same time, the opposition Congress objected to Trivedi’s decision, saying that no cloth is forbidden in the House under any rule.

A first-time MLA and a corporator in Chorwad municipality, Chudasama (40) had come wearing blue jeans and black T-shirt with ‘free spirit’ printed on it. The issue had cropped up immediately after the Question Hour when the Speaker gave instructions to the MLAs on not to come to the House wearing a jersey. Trivedi asked the first time elected MLA to not come to the house wearing a T-shirt and take care of this in future.

Chudasama countered saying that there is no rule that mandated a member to wear or not to wear particular clothes in the House, but Trivedi insisted on a proper dress code for MLAs. “I will not listen to you until you go and change your dress,” he said.

As senior Congress leaders Paresh Dhanani and Shailesh Parmar stood up to defend Chudasama, Trivedi asked them to give instructions to Chudasama, since he was insulting the order of the Speaker. To this, Chudasama responded: “People of Somnath have given me a certificate.”

The Speaker said he did not need Chudasama’s certificate. “Because you are an MLA, you cannot come to the House in any manner, in any clothes. This is not a playground. You are not on a vacation. There is a protocol of uniform.”

The Speaker directed the sergeants to evict Chudasama from the House, who then escorted the opposition MLA out of the House.

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