A woman weighing 300 kg shifted to the hospital for surgery after a lot of struggle

The weight of a woman named Sarlaben of Rajkot in Gujarat increased so much that she could not even move from one place. The condition of Sarlaben, restricted body movements to such an extent that she laid on the bed in the same position same place for 15 to 20 days.

Three different sizes of ambulances were called before going to the hospital, but she did not fit it in any of them. After a lot of struggle, she was taken to the hospital with the help of the firefighter team.

Jalpaben Patel of Sathi Seva Group, a non-governmental organization of Rajkot, along with her team and the firefighter department, took her to Rajkot Civil Hospital. Where her treatment started.

 According to the local media of Gujarat, it was difficult to get a bed for her. Initially, she was laid on the ground it was after that she got a bed in the hospital. Sarlaben’s husband Kantibhai Pitroda works as a laborer in Dubai. He had not come home for the Past 10 years, but now when he came to know about his wife’s condition he sought help from the NGO. The couple has a 13-year-old son, who looks after his mother.

Seeing her severe condition the doctors at Rajkot Civil Hospital referred her to the hospital in Ahmedabad.


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