Chinese Woman finds out she was born male after she visits hospital over hurt ankle

A Chinese woman who was trying to conceive for one year was shocked to find out that she was actually born male. The 25-year-old woman discovered that she is intersex after she underwent an X-ray of her injured ankle, reports SCMP.

The woman named Pingping from East China’s Zhejiang Province had never experienced menstruation and could not get pregnant even after getting married. As she sprained her ankle and visited the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine for her treatment, Pingping came to know that she had no uterus or ovaries.

“When I was young my mum took me to the doctor. The doctor said I was just developing slower than others sexually, and that I could have my period in a few years,” Pingping told the local doctor.

This is a typical symptom of a disease called congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which could cause a sexual development disorder.

The First Affiliated Hospital of College of Medicine at Zhejiang University, in a statement posted on WeChat, said that the woman was completely unaware of her condition and had no suspicions that anything was amiss about her reproductive system.

The woman has immature female sex organs but has males’ Y chromosome in her body, making her biologically male. As the doctor examining Pingping failed to find hidden testes in her body, he suggested that they might have degraded and shrank.

Ultimately, the woman found that she had no uterus or ovaries, and neither did she have any male genitalia, hidden testes, or an Adam’s apple, while further test results indicated that she was suffering from high blood pressure and low blood potassium – a symptom of congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a disease linked to sexual development disorder.

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