Imran Khan explains how PAK will be destroyed if FATF blacklists it

Islamabad : Imran Khan is afraid that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) will again put Pakistan in the black list. This was revealed in the address given by the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday night. Imran Khan told how Pakistan is under pressure from FATF.

In his address to the nation, Imran Khan said about the FATF that if Pakistan will be put in the black list by the FATF, the country will be subject to many restrictions. Things being exported from other countries will become expensive and the country will go into more poverty. Imran Khan alleged that the opposition first tried to blackmail in the 2018 elections.

Imran Khan said, “FATF’s black list means that our rupee will start falling and no one can say how much it will fall. When the rupee falls, inflation will increase. Anything you export will become expensive. For example, oil, electricity, pulses etc. will all become expensive. If Pakistan goes to blacklist then poverty will increase further. The opposition had only one agenda and that was to blackmail me.”

Pakistan has been on the gray list of the FATF for almost the last three years. Every time it fears being put in the black list. Pakistan was retained in the gray list even in the FATF meeting held last month. FATF continues to take action against Pakistan for not taking action against terrorism. Due to this, economic losses have also been incurred in the neighbouring country. According to the reports, Pakistan has lost 38 billion dollars (about 2806 billion rupees).

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