Rahul Gandhi talks about father, grandmother; Says ‘Emergency was a mistake’

New Delhi : 1975 Emergency was absolutely a mistake, said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi Was speaking on Tuesday during a video-interaction with economist, professor Kaushik Basu.

“I think that was a mistake. Absolutely, that was a mistake and my grandmother said as much. But the Congress party did not want to capture India’s institutions. We do not have that capability,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi further said citing the present situation in Pondicherry, “What RSS is doing today is something different. RSS is capturing all constitutional institutions. So even if we defeat the BJP, we are not going to get rid of the RSS people in the institution.” He also mentioned how the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh could not work because of the RSS force in all institutions.

When asked about internal democracy in the party, Rahul Gandhi said to Basu, “You are asking this to a person who has been pushing for elections in the party, in youth organisations for a decade. I was literally crucified for this. I have been attacked by my party people.”

Rahul Gandhi also talked about his father Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. He said it was more painful for him as a son to see Rajiv Gandhi walking towards his death, knowing that he won’t come out of what he was fighting than the actual death.

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