Video: This girl’s yoga performance will leave you in awe

NEW DELHI: In recent times, yoga has gained much popularity thanks to people promoting it at national and international levels. It is considered as one of the most trusted ways of attaining and maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.

Recently, a video of girl performing yoga went viral on social media. The jaw-dropping performance of the girl and the ease at which she is doing various yoga exercises has left everyone in awe.

IPS officer Deepanshu Kabra shared a video of the girl performing yoga on Twitter. after seeing the video you won’t believe in your eyes that a person can do such kind of stunts with so much ease.

Kabra gave the innovative caption to the video saying, “with the help of yoga this girl had made her body so flexible that you won’t believe on your own eyes”.

“The limits of human body are unlimited. To know and understand it, our elders have given us the legacy of “Yoga and spiritual practice,” he added.

The video is liked by a lot of people and also comments regarding the benefits of yoga. This video is seen 15,000 times until now.

With the increasing popularity of this ancient Indian form of physical, mental, and spiritual practices, more and more people are developing interest in it, especially considering the present stressful life. Yoga experts are also coming out with various innovations and late BKS Iyenger was one such legends who played an important role in popularising yoga at the international level.

Yog guru and Co-founder of Patanjali Ayurved Limited Swami Ramdev Baba has been holding yoga camps since 2002 to take this ancient Indian form to every corner of the country.

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